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"Very accessible but jam-packed with musical imagination, the piece [Dance of Spirals] is based on a figure played out over and over again in a myriad of complex variations. The violin part was great, and Roger Wilkie was particularly strong. It almost seemed outside of most contemporary classical idioms, as if it were influenced by both Schubert and rock music."

Thomas Aujero Small, ConcertoNet (www.concertonet.com)

"My favourite pieces on the CD have to be the 'Tagore Songs' by Jane Brockman. These were written originally for clarinet but work brilliantly on the soprano saxophone for which they adapted here."

Lynda Baker, Music Web International (www.musicweb-international.com)

"With creative chops on the order of Brockman's . . . , you might even keep the old ghosts of Mozart's time happy."

Bob Doerschuk, Keyboard Magazine

"Closing out the recital is American Jane Brockman’s Feast of Fives -- a trio for flute, cello, and piano that’s just 12 minutes in length yet symphonic in scope."

The Absolute Sound

". . . sparkles with creative effects"

Faucett, American Record Guide

"Reflecting the ‘Three Es’ [enlightening, edifying, and entertaining], this work is, dare we say it, ‘Fun’?”

20th Century Music

". . . most accomplished . . . an aural Rorschach test, with side trips."

Daniel Cariaga, Los Angeles Times

". . . work of whirling color and ingenuity"

Minneapolis Star Tribune

". . . leaving vapor trails. . .sonorities that are sometimes animated, or statically lush."

Stephen W. Ellis, Fanfare Magazine

[The music] "has a mercurial and strangely mournful grace that moves amid a sense of mystery. . . bold colors and rapidly shifting textures."

Kenneth LaFave, Kansas City Star

"rather bewitching. . .engages the mind as well as the senses"

Steve Metcalf, The Hartford Courant

"a roller coaster ride over the octaves. . .Brockman's work features dexterous tonal movements and a taste for graceful sound object abstactions."
Robert J. Owens, Computer Music Journal

"The Brockman ...provides an interesting conclusion to the program." Audiophile Audition



"Beauty in music is too often confused with something that lets the ears lie back in the easy chair."
Charles Ives

"The Beatles are not merely awful; they are so unbelievably horrible, so appallingly unmusical, so dogmatically insensitive to the magic of the art, that they qualify as the crowned heads of anti-music."
William F. Buckley, Jr.

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