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SHADOWS for flute and clarinet: The Silverwind Duo, Nicole McPherson and Andrew Seigel for Emeritus Recordings 20102 (CD Baby).


FEAST OF FIVES for flute, cello and piano: Chamber Music Palisades (Susan Greenberg, fl., Peter Stumpf, cello, and Delores Stevens, piano) DVD for AIX Records. Recorded in Zipper Hall. Produced by Mark Waldrep. Can also be digitally downloaded at iTrax.com and on Blu Ray. In 5:1 Surround Sound.


CIRCLES IN THE SKY for clarinet and prerecorded sounds on CD: commissioned by F. Gerard Errante (Norfolk Chamber Consort) for his CD titled "Delicate Balance", Aucourant Records.


TENACIOUS TURNS for soprano & alto saxophone (one player) and prerecorded sounds on CD: Douglas Masek, Saxtronic Soundscapes, Centaur Records CD.


TAGORE SONGS, Demetrius Spaneas, soprano saxophone, Capstone Records CD.


FIREFLIES for solo flute: Bryan Guarnuccio. Capstone CD (with Nina Assimakopoulos) titled "Points of Entry: The Laurels Project, Vol. 2"


TAGORE SONGS, Great White Noise: X Australia, Ros Dunlop, Clarinet with Electronics.


Nanette Kaplan Solomon, Piano.


NINGANA--Electric Clarinet, Capstone CD CPS 8607.
F. Gerard Errante, Clarinet with Electronics.


PERIHELION for String Orchestra, Leonarda CD Le 327.
Arioso String Orchestra conducted by Carolann Martin.



KURZWEIL ETUDES, Opus One Records #133.
Composer/Performer. Private label CD version available.


TELL-TALE FANTASY, Coronet LP #3105. Capstone.
Rosemary Platt, Piano.



The SUNDANCE INSTITUTE: One of four composer-fellows selected nationally; in residence with Henry Mancini, Alan Sylvestri, David Newman, and Bruce Broughton.

THE RUSSIAN GODFATHER: Action-adventure feature film, Directed by Jorgo Ognenovski, Hollywood Star Entertainment.

SEAGRAMS Commercial: Blu Productions, Directed by Bruce Logan.

WOMEN: As Always, Madeleine: Showtime, Sharyn Blumenthal. Director.

THE POET'S WIFE: Sharyn Blumenthal, Director. Stars Rachel LeVin (GOLDEN GLOBE Award for Gaby), Stanley Camel (LA Law), PBS.

BUENA VISTA/DISNEY Commercials/coming attractions: Claudia Vagt, prodn. exec.
Fantasia spot produced by Michael Murphey, Soisson-Murphey/Bodega Bay Prodns.

CONQUERING SPACE: Romantic Comedy; Mark Stratton, Director, produced by Jonathan Sanger/Jana Sue Memel, Chanticleer Films/Showtime.

TOWARD STILLNESS: Sharyn Blumenthal, Director, PBS.

ON TRACK: Albert Chimedza, Director (Sundance Inst. fellow).

LOS ANGELES MUSIC CENTER (documentary score): Alan Jay Glueckman, Director.


Doctorate, Music Composition, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
First woman to earn Doctorate in Music Composition in the 150-year history of U of M.

Fulbright fellowship for study in Paris with Max Deutsch.

Rackham Prize Fellowship for study in Vienna.

University of Connecticut: tenured Assoc. Professor of Music (taught music composition, orchestration and theory, founder/director of Synclavier-based computer music studio).

Also taught at the Hartt School of Music (University of Hartford), the University of Rhode Island, and the University of Michigan.

PUBLICATIONS/ARTICLES (for Music Publications: see Concert Works)

"An Interview with the Vampire's Composer: Elliot Goldenthal", The Score Vol. X, No. 2, Summer 1995, pp.10-13. ISSN: 1066-5447

"Film Music: Seeing and Hearing, An Interview with Leonard Rosenman", The Score Vol. VIII, No.3, Fall 1993, pp.8-10. ISSN: 1066-5447

"The First Electronic Filmscore-Forbidden Planet: A Conversation with Bebe Barron, The Score Vol. VII, No. 3, Fall/Winter 1992 pp. 5, 12-13. ISSN: 1066-5447

"George Burt, The Art of Film Music" (book review), The Score 1996. ISSN: 1066-5447


Board of Directors, SOCIETY OF COMPOSERS & LYRICISTS, Los Angeles (6 years)

Board of Directors, WOMEN IN FILM, Chair: WIF Mentor Program (three years)

Board of Directors, COMPOSERS CONCORDANCE (New York City, two years)

NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS: Panelist 3 years, Washington, D.C.


Sundance Institute (Robert Redford) Film Composers Lab fellowship.

BMI Film Scoring Workshop with Earle Hagen.

Sigvald Thompson Award For Orchestral Composition

Mac Dowell Colony Composer Fellowships (3 years).

Rackham Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, for work in Vienna.

Fulbright-Alliance Française, for study in France.

Connecticut Composers Fellowships

Composers Conference Fellowship (with Mario Davidovsky).

Pi Kappa Lambda (honorary music fraternity) honorary membership.

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